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Kings Field: The Ancient City

First Area

Watch out for the grey lava, it will kill you. Enter a door on the left and go downstairs. Grab the club next to the soldier. Note the Expedition's chest in this area- it contains a spider armband, which you can get much later in the game after getting the Expedition key.

Go up the stairs, drop down on to the lava walkway, drop down again to get a pair of boots. Walk on top of the wall, cross a plank to get an herbal liquid. Keep going- the wall crumbles to get you a leather helm. Pick up the herb close by.

Enter the house with the entrance lit by two torches, there's a chest with a pair of gloves, and a save stone as well. Exit and walk down a pathway in the back of this area. There's an herb on the left side of the bridge- you'll have to come close to falling down the crevice to get it.

Go back to the area by the house- there's another door here that has some stairs that will bring you down to David Bunch's shop. Check a chest here for 80 gold, then buy as many herbs from Mr. Bunch as you can. Exit back up to the house area, and get to level 3 by fighting the venus fly traps- 'zone' down into Bunch's shop to respawn the fly traps. Exit out to the start area.

Temple Area

Go left, to find a new area with a Temple. Walk up close to the waterbugs to get their attention, then back up until they turn around- then attack. Go to the left cave first, hit level 4, now it takes two shots to kill the waterbugs. The cave leads to an open area- pick up the body armor and a sword, and 100 gold. Don't equip the sword, the club is your best weapon for a while.

Exit out to the temple area, find a walkway across from the temple until you reach a house. There's a shield in the house, and a woman named Sharyl Genne who needs a Rock of Life. Search a cave behind the house to find several antidotes.

Go back to the Temple, and enter- there's a small room on the right side with two chests that contain a pair of clogs and a mushroom. Go back to Bunch's shop, sell the sword, and buy as many herbs as you can.

Poison Path

Get to level 5 by killing waterbugs, then save at the statue in the cave to the right of the Temple. Go into the Poison Path cave, which is next to the save statue cave. Go left, cross a log bridge, then head right. Kill mummies here for good experience; one of them will drop a pickaxe. It looks like a good weapon, but it's not- it's only good for breaking wooden barriers to open up new areas. Keep going until you find several mummies in a room. Kill them, then equip the pickaxe to break a wooden sign to open up a walkway.

Take the left fork for two antidotes and an arm guard. The right fork takes you back to the entrance of the Poison Path- exit to the Temple area for now.

Go back to the house area with the ailing woman- there's a hut in the back. Break the wooden door with your pickaxe, and go through the back door to find a tree demon. Kill it to get a Clarity Bracelet- go back to Bunch's shop and sell it for 37,500 gold. This bracelet multiplies your max MP by five- come back here to buy it back after you have plenty of gold. Buy 99 herbs, and plenty of antidotes- you'll need them for the rest of the Poison Path. Buy the wind crystal to learn Wind Cutter, and buy the five mushrooms he has for sale. Upgrade your body armor and your boots here, but don't buy the new helmet. Break some barrels in the back of the shop to get an iron helm.

Go back to the Temple Area and save- time to do the rest of the Poison Path. When you enter this time, go left, then take the passage to your right to climb down a ladder:
  • To the right you'll find an earth stone- this is used for slight upgrades on weapons and armor later in the game.

  • Take the 'up' passage to get a glimpse at a Rock of Life, then kill the mushroom enemy to get a mushroom.

  • Now take the left passage by breaking a wooden barrier. In here, the left fork is a dead end- the right fork leads to a large poisonous blob, which will drop a Rock of Life. Go back over the log bridge, take a left to the elevator. There's an open area here- kill the mummies, and explore three small areas here. The right area will get you an earth stone; the left area will get you the other Rock of Life that you saw before. Climb over the rocks here and exit the Poison Path- you're done with this area.

Temple Area

Go back to the ailing woman and give her a Rock of Life- her daughter Lynne Genne is outside and will give you a fire crystal. Use it to learn the Fireball magic spell, then save near the Temple and enter it.

Walk up the stairs to find Chad Breshears- give him your other Rock of Life to obtain a Crystal Vial. These vials hold healing potions, but that's not what we're going to use this one for. While up here on this ledge, you can use a fireball spell to make a dragon flower drop from a pillar. Dragon flowers rejuvenate your HP and MP- save them for the end of the game, or maybe when you're close to dying and you haven't saved for a while.

There's a room in the back right of the temple- use a fireball to melt the web that's blocking the door. Go in and down the stairs, using fireballs to melt the webs blocking your way. You can walk right through them, but you'll be hit with some status ailments-'Slow' being the worst of them. Fight the spiders here to get to level 8, then enter the door to get to a new area.

Underground Area

Save at the statue in the room on the right, then go to the room on the left and talk with Lee Maynor. You need a key to enter the room in the middle of this area, so head up the hallway to the double doors on the right. Check the rooms on either side for a mushroom and a forest root. This is an area with several exits- you have two rooms downstairs, and one up here that you cross the small bridge to get to.
  • Downstairs to the right- go here to get a buckler shield.

  • Downstairs on the left is an area with some mushroom enemies; kill them all and grab the two mushrooms on the ground. Go up the stairs here to find a room with three skeletons. There are two Release Rocks close by- one to the right, and one to the left. Where you find the left Release Rock, open a metal gate. Bunch's shop is on the right if you need some items, then go straight and through a cave to an open area. Note the house on the right, but go left for now. Enter the church, where Duhrin Pathwarden asks you to kill the skeletons in the back area behind the church. After they're all gone, open the metal gate here, and break open the wooden chest with your club for a morning star. Re-enter the church to find a Rusty key on the corpse. Go back to the house and enter to find a map and an herbal liquid. Sell the map when you can, it's not any good. Exit the house, and go in a back area of the house- break some barrels to obtain a leather armor. Exit back to the hub area.

  • Upstairs room across bridge- head over to this room on the right, and fill up your Crystal Vial with poison water. Trust me on this- you'll get a Fortune Bracelet late in the game by trading the poisonous water to an NPC, which will double the experience points gained by killing monsters. You'll get more crystal vials to hold healing potions later on in the game- you haven't even seen a healing fountain yet. In the back of this area with the poison fountain, you can use a fireball to dislodge a magic crystal from a crevice in the wall- it will drop down on to the floor next to the save stone room. Use your two Release Rocks on the door next to the old man; enter and kill all skeletons- one of them will drop a buckler. The back row of gravestones (left-center) will drop you a pair of gauntlets. You should hit level 10 by killing the skeletons- note the door here that requires another Release Rock. Exit, and talk to Mista Fopa- he'll give you the Release Rock that you need. Re-enter the skeleton room, and use the key to get into a room that holds the Icon of Healing.

Go back to the start of the underground area, to see Lee Maynor in the room across from the save stone room. He's turned into a zombie- kill him to get the key you need to enter the locked room in this area. Don't use the key yet- go over near the save stone room to pick up the light crystal that dropped to learn Divine Light.

Save now, and use your key on the middle room- enter and fight a large spider. He moves pretty quickly- use your club on his rear end while trying to stay behind him. Use the Icon of Healing here after the battle- this restores the healing fountain in front of the temple above ground. You also get a water crystal here, which teaches you Purity. You should be level 12 by now- save again, and go down the hall to find a soldier enemy. Kill him to gain access to a large open area.

Underground Area- Main

Head over to the right, into a small room. Check the right wall in the back for a secret compartment containing Knight Greaves. You'll get some decent armor and weapons soon. Exit, and go straight until you pass an intersection. Make the next left, and check the second alcove on your left for a binding crown. You'll have to run quickly towards the starting point of this area to avoid being pounded by a giant- you'll be back here soon to take him down after you get a bow- he's guarding something in his alcove.

When you get to the starting point, keep going straight and go into a room on your left so see a teleport pad. You'll see a treasure chest through an opening in the wall- exit this room and check the wall for a secret door, and open the chest to find a rapier. The club is still your best weapon, but the rapier is good for opening the wooden chests in this area.

Go past the teleport pad room, ignore the door across from the teleport pad room, and go up the stairs and enter the door closest to the top of the stairs- break the barrels, and go downstairs to flip a gate switch. Exit this room, and note the Engineer's door up here. It contains the Silvery Gloves, which increase attack power at the expense of defense. Go down the stairs, through the opened gate for the red guide stone. There are three rooms next to the hallway where you get the red guide stone:
  • The closest one has a hand axe.

  • The second room has a few spiders and some arrows on the ground.

  • The third room has some empty wooden chests- drop down to flip a switch to turn off the arrows. Pick up the plate helm- if you tried to get it before you turned off the arrows, you may have ended your game. Head up the stairs, and flip the four switches that turn off the arrows downstairs.

Drop down here, heal up, and go into the door that was protected by the arrows. Note the door on the left, but go straight into an open area. Check a statue on the lower right side for a knight sword, the room on the top right for an iron breastplate, and the top left room for some gauntlets. Leave this open area, and go into that left door with the two torches that you passed up earlier.

Use your binding crown on the pedestal to make the giant go back to his alcove. Again, the two giants here are guarding something in their alcoves- you'll be back after you get a bow. Note the save room past the two giants. The back right stairs are a dead end, but the back left stairs will get you the chain mail (across the bridge in a chest)- and your new weapon, the forest carver. You'll be using various carvers for a long time. I was level 13 at this point, and had equipment weighing 43.1 pounds out of a possible 44.0 pounds with this equipment:

  • Forest Carver
  • Buckler
  • Plate Helm
  • Chain Mail
  • Gauntlets
  • Knight Greaves
  • no amulet, wristband, or ring
If you're over your weight limit for your level, you won't be able to run. Head back out to the save room near the Guardian Gate, and save. Don't bother setting your red guide stone here; it's not really a useful spot for it, as you'll only be coming back here one more time after you get your bow. Enter the Guardian Gate, and step out into the Tower Area.

Tower Area

Head right, and go to the second room to take out the archers- there's an herbal liquid and some arrows here. In the first room, you'll find a mushroom in the metal chest; ignore the wooden chest. Don't use your carver swords to open wooden chests- their durability goes down quickly enough without doing that, and you won't meet up with the blacksmith for a long time. Exit, and pass the Guardian Gate to another door.

The door across from this entrance has an archer and a few arrows on the ground- all of the chests and barrels are empty. Kill four soldiers here to unlock a door in the back to find Ramirez Martin, a vendor. He gives you a bow; buy 99 arrows, the 10 mushrooms he's offering, the 20 forest roots, and the 30 herbal liquids. Sell off the weapons/armor you're not using, but save the rapier for opening wooden chests. He's also got a better plate helm and better gauntlets, if you want them.

Underground Area- Main

Head back to the Underground Area, and take both binding crowns near the Guardian Gate- you'll need them for later on in the game. Kill the giants with arrows to the head- they were guarding an earth crystal that teaches you Earth Heal, and a keystone, which is used to lower a raised bridge. The giant near the beginning of this area guards a Purity Amulet, which makes your Earth Heal spell more potent. Go back to the Tower Area after you save your game.

Tower Area

Head left, and go through the second hallway- enter the door and kill the mushrooms with one arrow each. One of them will drop a mushroom; the small room closest to the door you entered has a chest with an antidote. Head through the other door here, and make a left to enter a room with an archer and a soldier. On the near left side is a secret gate with a scale mail; I never use this armor. The back left room is empty; the back right room will get you a magic crystal that doesn't teach you a spell- it restores your MP and raises your magic power.

Exit out to the hallway, and kill the mushrooms with your bow- one of them will drop a mushroom. Go through the door at the end of the hallway; kill the soldier and the mushrooms here- one will drop another mushroom. The small room on the side has a pair of iron boots; exit through the other door here to get to the Tower Area at a spot you couldn't get to earlier. Immediately to your left is a raised bridge and the door for the North Gate area. Use your keystone at the bridge pedestal, but don't cross the bridge- it leads to the Silver Gate area, but you're going in to the North Gate area first.

North Gate

After entering, head right to find an Expedition's chest, and some chests/barrels with a forest fruit, some arrows, a worthless helm, and a forest root.

Head out of here, and make a right to the double doors to a new room- go left to find two forest roots and a knight shield. Straight ahead is a Widda that got me to level 15- though they are kind of tough. They can take out half of your HP with one shot, so don't be stingy with the herbs. Head up the right stairs and outside; fight another Widda. Check out the bridge down below- you won't be there for at least five game hours-that's the entrance to the Widda Castle/Ocean Fort area. Go through the other door here to find the Expedition's Key on a corpse.

Head back out to the right branch near the North Gate door to open the Expedition's chest to find a long sword.

Exit the North Gate area, and cross the bridge you lowered- there's no reason to ever enter this part of the North Gate again. After crossing the bridge, you need to go to the left and cross that bridge to get to the Silver Gate area, but you can enter the center tower via double doors on the right side to see a stone wall with some torches lit. There are six elemental clusters- light on the far left, dark on the far right; the middle four are wind, water, fire, and earth. Each cluster has five torches that are lit when you learn a new spell. You should have a torch lit for every cluster except dark. The other double doors here are locked form the other side- you'll open them once you gain access to the upper part of the tower. Head over to the Silver Gate area.

Silver Gate

The locked gate on the right leads to the save room where you find the green guide stone later on, so go past it and up the stairs to the left. This room is a hub- to the right are some items you want, to the left are some doors with some items, and straight ahead are some stairs that lead to an outside area.
  • Right- head downstairs, using Divine Light in these darkened rooms. In the first room you will find a war helm in a wooden chest; the second room has three empty chests and two exits: forward and left. Go forward first to find a wind carver near a table; one of the wooden chests has a forest root. Go back to the second room, and to the left exit to find a dark crystal in an alcove- it will teach you Shadow Skin. The chest here is empty, so go back out to the hub area.

  • Three Doors- Go inside the right door out of the three; if you go up the stairs you will find a Priest's Door. You don't have that key yet, so head down the hallway on the left side, passing up the first opening on your left- this will be your exit after you find a keystone further ahead. Exit back to the hub area.

  • Stairs leading up- head up the stairs, and through a set of double doors- behind the monument is a bastard sword that you'll be selling. Head all the way up the stairs and through two sets of double doors to reach an outside area; save at the stone. You should be level 16 or 17 now, if you've been killing everything in sight.

Aeaine Vigil

Head down the path towards the forest golem by the door, and make a sharp left up a hill, through some trees, and into a shrine with an earth crystal that will teach you Upheaval, then go back down the path to meet Aeaine Vigil at her healing fountain. Note the small temple here with the four chests- Engineer's, Priest's, Craftsman's, and Serrak's. After you get these keys, you will receive four black eyes, which will allow you to open a door where the Lawful Blade will be changed into the Moonlight Sword in an area past the Passage of Light. Grab the blue guide stone in here, then leave. The forest golem will open the huge stone doors for you, but you have to get him a forest dew first.

Go down the path directly to the right of the stone doors, to an area with porcupines and head down a staircase into a new area with three halls- right, center, and left.

  • Right- the upper area has nothing, the lower area for a forest carver.

  • Center- the right area for a cavalier plate, the upper area has some leg guards that are also dropped by a porcupine.

  • Left- upper area has the forest dew that you need. Further left is an area with nothing but more porcupines.

  • A pair of blessed gloves will drop from a random porcupine in here.

You should have reached level 18 by fighting the porcupines; head back out to the forest golem, and use the forest dew. Head in the giant stone doors; to the right behind a door is a crystal vial- run back out to Aeaine's fountain to fill it up. Save while you're out here, then go back through the doors, and to the left this time to a new area.

Knight's Hall

Note the stairs going down on your left; you'll be going there in a few minutes. Head right, and three knights will awaken. After you beat them, you'll see a door ahead, but go to the right branch for now. To your left is the Passage of Light, but you'll need about 30 more levels before you can survive in there. Straight ahead is the King's Throne room, where you'll find a crusader helm behind a gravestone. The room behind the throne can be unlocked from the other side, but you'll have to go through the Passage of Light to do it. The other door here requires a special ring to enter- in there is an endless supply of skeletons to level on if you wish, as long as you don't kill the king in there.

Save your game in here, then exit and go to the door on the right guarded by the two knights. Enter, and you'll see a teleport pad with doors on either side, and the Hall of Five Wands, which requires the Priest's key to enter. The hallway behind the door on the left side of the teleport pad has a chest with a knight sword; you have to open the chests to awaken the knights behind these two doors. The hallway behind the right door has a chest with an antidote potion. Exit this area, pass by the knight statues, and head down those stairs you skipped before to a new area.

King's Mausoleum

Go straight ahead into the door, fight two knights, and pick up a crusader shield. The next door has a pedestal that you need to light with a fireball, you will then use your bow to get a light crystal that will teach you Flash. Listen to the whispers of the dead in here, then exit out to the main hallway.

Head down the hall and enter the door here- the demons can hit you with Stop, and you'll have to use a forest root to cure it. Drop down the hole in the wall, and take out the demons in here from long range with your bow. Walk up to a ledge, and open a chest to find a scale mail. Look at the dragon flower in the poison water below- you'll have to grab it quickly, and run to the right while using herbs every second in order to make it to the lower ledge without dying. There's another scale mail here, grab it and go up the stairs to find out that some more demons have spawned near the exit.

Head out and go left to the King's Mausoleum, kill the skeleton archers and pick up a Holycrest on one of the side ledges. You'll go through a lot of herbs with that many archers hitting you.

You can go through the two sets of doors past the bell to meet up with Chad Breshears. Stock up on herbs, forest roots, and mushrooms; he's also selling a knight helm and a water carver. The stairs in here lead to the upper part of the Tower, but go back to the mausoleum and take out the skeleton knights.

They are up behind the stairs where the archers were. Check the graves on the upper ledge for an earth carver and the Priest's Key, then take out all of the knights. You should be level 20 by now. On the ground is a pair of sacred gloves, which will be a nice upgrade for your worn-out gauntlets.

Go back to Chad, restock on herbs, and head down the stairs to the save room at the top of the tower. Push in the switch that unlocks the doors here, and use the red guide stone here. Save your game here, then exit the tower and run down the staircase. Head over to the Silver Gate.

Silver Gate

Head left to the hub area, and into the right door out of the three doors. Go up the stairs on the right side of this room to open the Priest's Door; you'll find the Earthbinder.

Aeaine Vigil

Go back to Aeaine's fountain, heal up and fill your crystal vial again. Save your game again while you're here, then go through the golem's door again, and enter the Knight's Hall again.

Knight's Hall

Go past the knight statues to the door that was guarded by two knights, and enter. Head over to the left, and use the Priest's Key to enter the Hall of Five Wands.

Hall of Five Wands

Past the eyes is a floor switch that causes the ceiling to slowly come down to the floor. You won't have much time to grab a wand before the ceiling crushes you, so go to the three correct statues, and grab the wand even if it's spewing fire. Use herbs as you need to. The blue wand is at the southeast statue, the green wand is at the northeast statue, and the red wand is at the northwest statue. The yellow and purple wands have been taken; you'll find them later in the game. Exit the Hall of Five Wands, and use the green wand at the teleport pad here to get to a new area.

City Level 3, South

Remove the green guide stone from the marker pedestal- you're so close to the red guide stone at the top of the tower, that it's a waste to have another guide stone here. Exit the save room and go left- note the lava that will end your life. Go in the hallway to your left and up the stairs; take out the four faces with the Earthbinder sword to stop the lava flow downstairs. Exit the face room, and enter the door across the hallway, going down the stairs to another door. Here you'll meet Belric Psytar, and see a room with a treasure chest through a window opening. Take out the two skeletons with your bow here- you'll be climbing up a ladder to get in that room later, and you don't want those skeletons to knock you down with their swords. Exit and go down the hall that was blocked by the lava, entering the Craftsman's Workshop to your right.

Craftsman's Workshop

Go up the stairs, through a door, and light a torch with a fireball in the middle of the room. This unlocks the door to a small room with a treasure chest- open it for the Earth Folk's Map. Break open the barrels for a forest root and a dried amphibia. Exit the other door here out to a ledge; drop down a ladder to find a Craftsman's Chest that contains the Ice Armor in it (drool...). You don't have the key yet, but hit the switch in here to unlock the door for now. Leave the Craftsman's Workshop.

City Level 3, South

Head right and up the stairs to fight a reptile, then hit the switch to unlock the gate that leads to the Silver Gate right near the Tower area. Go back to the save room where you got the green guide stone, and save. Exit the save room, and go to the right door to enter the South Cliff area.

South Cliff

Go down the hall, and into a door with a reptile. Break the barrels for a few goodies, then check the back left wall for a secret door. Exit through another door to a ledge, there's a Ring of Sight here. Go back out to the room with the barrels, and out the door to find some stairs on the right. This is that bridge, and you should be level 22 now. Cross the bridge to enter the Earth Folk Area.

Earth Folk Area

The game is finally kicking into high gear, and we're about to get a really nice sword, and say good bye to the carver swords. Head through the tunnel; there's an earth stone in a small room on the left. When you get to the end of the tunnel, remember that the way in is lit by two torches- you'll be going back to the Craftsman's Workshop in a little while to pick up that Ice Armor. When you get to the open area, kill the plants and demons. From the entrance tunnel, go to each of the doorways counterclockwise:

  • Climb up short ramp- there are waterbugs, an earth stone and a War Hammer.

  • A secret door with a Knight Plate

  • Skip the torch-lined hallway for now.

  • Step up to the teleport pad room, and pick up your new weapon, the Frostbite. This is the room where the blacksmith will repair your weapons and armor; you'll be spending a lot of time here.

  • Some reptiles here, take the first right in here, then drop down to the save room. Note the Earth Folk's Chest; you'll be getting the key in a few minutes. Use the War Hammer to break the wall near the save statue; pick up the Knight Greaves and the Earth Ring. Place the green guide stone here, then save.

  • Some reptiles to kill, then a descending tunnel to find a pair of Knight Gloves.

  • An empty bedroom. 'Our leader destroyed the land. Never awaken the Sealed One.'

Time to enter the torch-lined hallway. Go left after passing the torches, and kill all of the demons. Check the gravestones with the candle being on your left. The last one has the Earth Folk's Key; you can find a forest fruit on one the others. Head back and save after you pick up the Earthen Shield in the Earth Folk's Chest. Go back to the torch-lined hallway, but make a right after the torches to get to a new area; you should be level 23 now.

Fire and Ice Area

Walk down and enter the door to get to the Ice Area. Go down the stairs, enter the door on the right- there will be six waterbugs, and a crystal that you can't get yet. Exit, head right, and down the small staircase for more waterbugs, and a mushroom at the end. Proceed a little bit further in; the room to your right has a frozen area that won't get you anything later on. Just outside this room is a bridge that you can't use yet because of a block of ice. Head up the stairs, meet Mr. Iceman, then go right to the save room, noting the door blocked by ice.

Exit the save room, and go straight to a small bridge to a room on the right for a Kite Shield. Go back past the save room, and head straight at the intersection to find another Iceman. Check the wall on the right for a secret compartment to find the Crusader Gloves. Open the door here to fight two Iceman at the same time. Open the right door here- you'll be meeting up with that giant in a little bit. Take the left door instead to find a frozen Hamurah Forgefist, who will be your blacksmith. Go out the door in the room past the dwarf, and drop the bridge to your left; this bridge will take you to the entrance if you want. If you don't drop the bridge now, it could make things difficult for you later on.

For now, continue on, and take the hall to your left and enter the door. Three ice guys simultaneously- stay on top of your healing. There's a secret door that will get you a Knight Plate. Exit this room, go left, and cross the small bridge for a Rapier before climbing the stairs. Note the treasure chest- but cross the small ice bridge to your left, go up the stairs, and walk to the center hub to drop down on to a ledge, then drop down to the chest to obtain a Sacred Plate. You'll have to backtrack all the way back to where you just were; save while you're down here. After you're back up there, take the copper door to a new area.

Fire Area

There are lots of dragons here- kill every one that you see. If you cross the bridge guarded by the dragon and keep going straight, you'll find a treasure chest with a Fire Ring. Heading back over the dragon's bridge to a cave in the back will get you a Crescent Axe.

Now go to the opening in between the dragon's bridge and the treasure chest to bring you to a ramp; you'll see several dragons here. You'll see a building in the back; hug the left wall around a corner to fight a large gargoyle. With the Fire Ring equipped, stand right in front of him and swat him with your Frostbite. I got the Frostbite to level 2, hit level 25, and ran out of herbs fighting this guy. You're done here for now, but you'll be back in a few minutes.

Formerly Iced Area

Head back to the save room, definitely save. It's a good idea to use the red wand on the teleport pad here to revisit Chad, to sell off unwanted items and replenish your healing supplies. When you enter from the Earth Folk Area, you see that you can't run through the way you did the first time. Cross the bridge that you dropped, then enter the room on your right to meet up with the dwarf. Talk with him, the proceed to the door. You're now in the room where you fought the two Icemen; go in the door with the formerly frozen giant, and fight him to get the Icon of Ice. Exit, and go out the door to your left, then head straight to the save room. After saving, come out and go straight ahead to the area where you got the Sacred Plate, and climb up the stairs. Go back up through the copper door out to the Fire Area.

Fire Area

Go to the building that's close to the huge fire blob that you killed, and place the Icon of Ice. Exit the building, head down the cave, and make a quick right to a newly formed path by the lava pit. Climb up the path, and cross a thin bridge to fight a fire demon. He's very fast, so it's best to wait until he starts casting a fireball before you try to hit him. He drops the Fire Mail, then you can cross a new bridge to obtain a fire crystal that will teach you Fire Wall. Go back to the building where the Icon of Ice is, and use the green wand to teleport to the Earth Folk's Area.

Earth Folk's Area

Visit the dwarf, and he will give you the Craftsman's Key. Have him repair your weapons and armor; you can also start using earth stones to slightly upgrade your equipment. After you're done, run back to the Craftsman's Workshop to pick up the Ice Armor. There's a teleport pad in the workshop, use it to get back to the Earth Folk area. Head back up the torch-lined hallway, and go back to the Ice Area.

Ice Area

Placing the Icon of Ice has lowered the lava level in this area, so you can now check the three areas that were blocked by ice. In the room near the entrance where you fought six waterbugs, you'll find a fire crystal that will teach you Flame Breath, then head to the save room and save.

Go into the door that was blocked by ice before, and go into the Craftsman's Door to get a Flame Shield. Equip the Flame Shield, Flame Ring, and Fire Mail, then step into the small lava pond to grab the Black Scar. Use herbal liquids, because the lava depletes your HP very quickly. Do not grab the sword if your HP is low- you won't have enough time to use an herbal liquid if you try. Save again, then exit. Head left, then left again, and a third left to the bridge that was blocked by ice before.

South Gate Area

You're now in a dark outside area, cross the bridge and walk to your left on the ledge to a door. The chest will get you a pair of Cavalier Greaves; head back to the door near the bridge and enter. You'll have three more sets of double doors to go through before you reach an open area with three branches:
  • The Storage Area to the left is behind a locked gate, we'll open it from the other side in a minute.

  • The stairs in front of you lead to the Center Tower Area; head left to a door; break a barrel for a Keystone, then drop down, and go down some stairs to the Storage Area. Unlock the gate; now you can easily go to the start point of this area. Go in the double doors near the gate, and break open the chests and large barrels for a bunch of goodies- including a wind crystal that will teach you Ice Clad. To get to that upper ledge, exit and go up the stairs to another set of double doors to find a Ring of Wind. Leave this room, and go past the gate to the Commons Area.

  • Commons Area- enter the door on the right; ignore the stairs for now. Head forward, and around a bend to find a Forest Folk's Chest and a crystal vial. Head back to those stairs you passed up, and go through an archway to find a Release Rock, and Shane Floyd.

    Go back down the stairs and out the door, then head right down more stairs to an area with three more branches. The stairs to the left will get you a Cavalier Helm, the door straight ahead will get you a Crossbow. This is where you killed the two skeletons when you met Belric Psytar. The third branch is to the left, where you'll fight a bunch of skeletons to get the Dwarven Sword. Head down more stairs past a set of double doors; you're now at the City Level 2 South.

    City Level 2 South

    After you save, take the two sets of double doors that the save statue is facing; once past them, ignore the door on your right for now- that leads to the Tower Area. On the left side of this hallway, make your first left to find a door that you need a Release Rock for. Use it, climb up some stairs, and cross a bridge to find Crusader Greaves.

    Continue along, until you drop down through a hole in the wall to fight some ghosts. Kill them all, then check the chests here for a Keystone. Note the Forest Folk's Chest containing an Angelic Crown; pick up a light crystal to learn Retribution. Use a heavy weapon to break the wooden barrier on the exit door; this brings you back near the save point.

    Head back past the Release Rock door, drop down, head to the right, and drop down again to find a Kite Shield, then head through the only door you can here, and up some stairs to unlock a gate. There's a room here with two secret doors; one contains a chest with a Yellow Guide Stone, while the other has a wind crystal that will teach you Life Shield. There's also some ice in the adjacent room that you need to hit with Fire Wall to obtain a Crystalline Blade. Head out of here, and through the gate you unlocked and save.

West Gate

Head out the two sets of double doors that the save statue is facing, but this time make a right and go out those double doors. Run to your left, and use one of your Keystones on the bridge pedestal in front of the West Gate. Cross the dropped bridge, enter the Tower, and head up the stairs to unlock the double doors next to the magic cluster wall. Go outside, climb the Tower stairs, and go to see Chad- sell some things and replenish your supplies. Head all the way back down into the tower, and enter the West Gate. There are two paths behind this gate:
  • Forward and left will get you to the Engineer's Quarters; there is an Engineer's Chest that contains a Keystone, but more importantly there's a Release Rock on a sill in one of the walls. Check the corner for a floorboard that will move- climb down the ladder for a Power Bracelet. In the back of this area is a cave- head left to find JaMarc Neeley; he is selling a crystal vial, a Yellow Wand, and a dragon flower. The right side of this cave has a huge waterbug, which will drop an earth crystal that will teach you Earth Leech. There's also an earth stone on the ground here.

  • The right branch is guarded by some faces that are shooting flame arrows. Run past the arrows to a staircase on your right to fight some headless warriors. If you're not level 30 yet, the faces regenerate, so you can stand in one spot and get 50 experience points each time you hit them.

    Go to the room on the right side past the faces, fight some more headless warriors (Flash is a pretty good spell to use here); one of them will drop a pair of Cavalier Gloves. Check the walls for another Release Rock, and exit.

    Go to the other room down here, and take the right branch to arrow or bolt the face in the right rear. This turns off the flame arrows outside. Light the torch in here with a fireball, then exit and go to the left branch. The door in front of you is sealed, so go to the right door and enter. There's a boss fight in here, so don't be stingy with your herbal liquids. You really do not want to restart your game from your last save.

    Exit the room, and enter the formerly sealed door to kill a giant with some arrows to the head to obtain a Water Talisman- unlike most armor pieces, I've highlighted this one in green as a key item- you won't be able to get one of Myu's armor pieces and one magic crystal without this. The room on the left is empty- it has a clue about how to obtain the Earthquake war hammer in the adjacent room. Shoot a crossbow bolt or an arrow through the small hole in the wall to drop a staircase to get the weapon.

    Head out of here, and to your left to use your two Release Rocks to gain access to another room. Grab the Mammoth Shield in here, then use two of your three Binding Crowns to make the giants below go away. Drop down in here to find the Engineer's Key- you now have three out of the four keys you'll need to obtain the Moonlight Sword.

    Exit out of here to the flaming arrow passage, then head right through two sets of double doors. This is a hub area- downstairs you will find a much needed save room. Head up the stairs here to find a Forest Folk's Chest; there are two other doors in this room. One will lead you to two small explosive barrels- the one by the door will get you a fool's fruit. The other door by the chest leads to the tower area, where you can pick up Zastari's Map.

    Exit the save room; the double doors are a shortcut to the Great Graveyard- you'll be unlocking that gate from the other side later on. Back upstairs in the hub area, the door to the right leads to the Tower area- you can drop down a bridge here with a Keystone, then head right along the ledge to a room filled with many barrels. One of the barrels holds a dried amphibia, you can also find a chest here with a power seed, and an earth stone in the back. Back at the hub area, take the top left door to get to the North Cliff Area.

North Cliff Area

Break open the barrels for some goodies, then step on to the bridge. Remember when you were level 15 fighting your first Widdas and looking way down at a bridge? This is that bridge. Cross it, and head left to speak with Kyle Campbell. It seems that he's lost his sword- too bad- it just happens to be the Wavecrasher. You'll be using that and the Windslayer until you get the Triple Fang and the Moonlight Sword. Go up ahead until you see a staircase guided by flames- that leads to the Widda Castle, but we're going to explore this area and the Ocean Fort first. Go to the right side of the stairs and use an arrow or bolt to knock down a magic crystal.

Check the waterfalls opposite the flame stairs for a Water Ring. Go through the framed doorway, drop down to get a Tower Shield, then drop down again to enter a gate to obtain the Icon of Fire. Take to the guy eating- if you bring him a Widda Egg, he'll give you a crystal vial. Exit, and go up the ramp here:
  • Left- Fight three nasty reptiles- they're tough for a level 31 character. Take the left fork here, equip the Water Talisman, and grab the Great Helm. The underwater tunnel is an escape route from a different area, so don't worry about it. Now take the right fork and go to the tower. There's a Thieve's Necklace by a gravestone. Climb the tower to place the Icon of Fire, then drop down to the upper walkway and shoot down about seven mushrooms.

    Walk to the edge of the ledge here to spot a boat wreckage- equip the Water Talisman and drop down. Run inside the cave, and go right first- trade the poison water to Paul Hutchison for a Fortune Bracelet! You'll be using this for the rest of the game, unless you're using the Widda Bracelet to climb that staircase guarded by flames. Now go left and underwater, making a right when you can to the Buddha area.

    Straight ahead, you will find a Lucky Pendant. Strike the second Buddha to the right side of the cave with the pendant, and you will find a water crystal that will teach you Endure Fire. Head over to the piranha pool, drop down and go to your left to find the broken katana- this will be the Windslayer after Harmurah Forgefist repairs it for you. Come back out and make a left when you can to get on some ground- use a fireball on the closest barrel to make a Sacrificial Mask drop, then jump down and run to your left, then make a right when you can. Climb up, and you will be at the dropoff point that leads to the area where you fought those three nasty reptiles. From here, hug the right wall to bring you back to the small fort where you got the Icon of Fire. Now you can explore the other side of the fork at the top of the ramp here.

  • Right- Take the upper walkway past the small bridge and to your left for two mushrooms. Cross that small bridge now, and kill a Widda to get a Widda's Map. Drop down here into the water, and you'll see a cave that leads outside. Hang a right, and make for the save stone, but don't save yet. Stand in a spot that's about 8 feet to the left of the stone, about 6 feet in front of it, and about 4 feet away from the water's edge. Pick up the Wavecrasher, your new weapon. Now you can save, and get ready to enter the Ocean Fort.

Ocean Fort

Head across the bridge into the Ocean Fort. In front of the fort you can run around the sides- the side on your left is a drop-off point if you fall in the water from inside the fort; the side on your right has nothing of interest. Enter, and you'll find three doors:
  • Left- go up the stairs to find the Enchanted Armor.

  • Center- head right to find a Blessed Bow, then go left to see a chest. Run to the far side of the chest quickly, or you'll fall down into the water at that drop-off point. At level 34, the Widda Ring brings your HP from 404 to 484.

  • Right- Go up the stairs and kill the knights; take out the mushrooms with arrows, bolts, or fireballs. Head around the corner, up the stairs on your left, and through a door. When you open up the chest to get the Widda Bracelet, poison is released into the room, so you'll want to break the wall to hop down to a hallway with a knight, and a pair of Blessed Arms on your left. Take out the mushrooms in here, especially the small one. To the left of the small one is a secret door that will get you a nice Tower Shield.

    Go up the small staircase and to your right to see two doorways. Go straight to a room full of chests- to reach the far eastern one safely, you'll have to be quick in order to avoid being dropped by a trick floor. This chest has a dark crystal that teaches you Eclipse. One of the other chests contains the Blessed Helm, the others have goodies in them.

    Exit this room, down the hall, and down some stairs that you haven't been to. You'll see a hallway with arrows being shot down the middle- going left will only bring you to the staircase you climbed to get the Widda Bracelet. Head to where the arrows are coming from- you'll fight a knight that drops some worthless gloves. At the end of this hallway is a Widda Necklace; you're now done with the Ocean Fort. You can drop down here to get to the entrance to the fort; kill the dragons that have respawned here.

Leave the fort and save; then run to the third cave on the left to pick up a Tsunami. Backtrack to the first cave, and hug the right wall to get to the transport pad by the Icon of Fire tower. Use the green wand to get back to the Earth Folk Area- your weapons and armor need repairing badly. Forgefist will also turn your broken katana into the Windslayer now, so you'll have something good to use in the Widda Castle when the Wavecrasher gets low on durability. Save after your equipment is repaired, then it's time to go to the Widda Castle.

Run from Earth Folk Area to the Widda Castle

This is just in case you don't remember exactly how to do this run. Run up the torch-lined hall and make a right. Enter the formerly Iced area through some double doors, ignore the bridge in front of you. Go right to the end, and you'll be bearing to your left. With a staircase straight ahead, take the thin bridge to your right. You'll pass through four sets of double doors to a new room, and make a right into the Commons area.

Go downstairs and to your left, then go down more stairs. Pass through a set of double doors, then the hallway with the save stone is straight ahead. Go to your right, through two sets of double doors, then right through another set of double doors to the Tower area. Go left through another set of double doors- stop by the Engineer's Quarters to pick up the Keystone in the Engineer's Chest, sell unwanted equipment and to buy supplies. Backtrack a bit to the walkway that was guarded by the flame arrows. You'll pass two more sets of double doors to a hub area.

Save in the room downstairs, then get back upstairs and go out the left door to get to the North Cliff area. Two more sets of double doors, then cross the bridge. Enter the stone Widda door; this cave takes you right to the staircase guarded by flames.

Widda Castle

Equip all three pieces of Widda jewelry, and go up the stairs and through the stone door. I start this area with the Windslayer, because I want to use the Wavecrasher deeper in the castle, and in the Egg Field. The eggs in this area will take away all of your MP, so just use your sword for now. The opening to the right has a few herbal liquids, to the left you will find a Champion Helm, which is not quite as good as your Blessed Helm. Go forward into the stone door now; you should be level 38 now. This room is symmetrical, so you can't tell the entrance door from the one that takes you deeper in. There are two doors on the side as well:
  • Left- There's a teleport pad here, and you can look at the Egg Field, which is the next area.

  • Right- Go down the left stairs to find a War Sword, then come back up and enter the door that's now to your left. This leads to another room with some mummies you'll want to fight. Exit this room when they're all gone to get to an arrow hallway. Continue to another door to a torch-lit room with a bunch of chests. You'll find the Blessed Armor and the Blessed Greaves- you're looking good now. Kill the golden demons in here to get the Queen's Staff, then open the gate here and exit.

  • Center- Opening that gate brought you to the room right behind the Center branch- speak with Akryal, then note the Widda Door here. The gate to the left of Akyral leads to the Egg Field- the next area. Also on this side is a door- head through it, and down the ramp to a room with two large snakes. Equip the Thieve's Necklace to make you less detectable, then use arrows or bolts to take the snakes out from a distance. Drop down the right snake hole to find a forest fruit, then drop down again to a hub area.

    Hub Area

    • Hall ahead- to the left is a Widda Door with the Lawful Blade, the door to the right leads to the Egg Field, so skip this hall for now.

    • Stairs to the left- you can open the gate by Akryal here.

    • Hall to the left- Kill four demons in here, go down the ramp here to fight the Widda Queen. She will drop a fire crystal that will teach you Immolate. The next room has a chest with the Widda Key, as well as a save stone.

    Head back up to Akryal, and grab the Venom Gloves from the room behind the Widda Door. Then, head back to the hub area to the 'Hall ahead'; go to the left to pick up the Lawful Blade, which will soon become the Moonlight Sword. Make your way to the right door in this hall to reach the Egg Field.

Egg Field

Climb up to the platform, and enter the door to the save room. Place the blue guide stone here, then use the green wand to teleport back to Harmurah Forgefist to repair your gear. Teleport back to the Egg Field, then save, and exit. Head out to your right, down the stairs, and around a block. Step on and off the cart quickly to reveal the Shadow Mask. Head back to the save room door now. You should be level 43 now- you're about 10 levels away from going through the Passage of Light. Go forward; head down the stairs ahead, through two doorways, then board a rail car. Hop off inside the tunnel to your left, climb some stairs, and grab a wind crystal that will teach you Tornado. Walk the rest of the way across the cart path. Enter the door here, and kill the two plants with arrows or bolts.

  • Right door- enter, and go through the other door that's right in front of you. There's an open doorway to your left; go through- step on and off the rail car quickly, and watch it fall off of the broken track. Step down the small staircase here, and run across the track. Make sure you're on the straight part of the track when the rail car comes, so you don't get knocked off. When you get to the platform, head down some stairs here to pick up a forest fruit. Then enter the door here. Going down the ramp gives you a few battles, then head up the ramp and make a right when you can. Fight the Widdas here, and pick up a Widda Egg in one of the snake tubes. Come out of this room, and go to your right; drop down and fight some snakes to get an earth crystal that will teach you Volcannon. There's only one way out of here- you'll have to drop down on to the track and run across. Go back to the area where you killed the two plants before you entered this Right door area.

  • Left area- this is a hub area:
    • Right- This part has nothing for you.

    • Left- This part is where your second Widda Egg will drop- you'll be going here in a few minutes.

    • Center- Go here now, and kill the Widdas quickly. There's a Venom Blade in the poison stream. On the right side of the platform here, you can shoot down the Widda Egg, then head over to the Left branch of this hub area to pick it up. Exit out of here, and take the rail car back to the save room area.

Run through the Widda Castle, past the flame stairs, to the fort on your left. Trade one of your Widda eggs to obtain a crystal vial, then go back to the Egg Field and save. You should be level 45 now; exit the save room, and drop down on to the rail car that's heading straight across to a new area of the Egg Field.

Open the sliding panel next to the door, and trade your Widda egg to Oagh Burleigh to unlock the door. Climb two small staircases to your left, and go all the way left to open a secret door. Break a barrel here for Myu's Necklace- this will reveal all secret doors. You can make these trades with Oagh:
  • Claw x 4 - Wise Man's Fruit
  • Scale x 4 - Fool's Fruit
  • Bone x 1 - Widda's Arrow

Great Graveyard

Exit Oagh's area, and head left to a doorway. Jump down, and climb the small staircase across the way; walk back on this new ledge toward the entrance to find a Broad Sword. Head up the staircase here, then another to unlock the gate that's close to the North Cliff area. Head back down the two staircases, then head to your left. Take the staircase to the right of the teleport pad:
  • The purple skulls in this area have a 1% chance to drop the Dark Defiler sword- they also give you 1400 experience points with the Fortune equipped.

  • Right- drop down to open a Widda's Door- grab the Widda's Bow, then you'll see one secret door that will get you a Dwarven Pickaxe. Exit the gate here- it brings you back to the beginning of the area.

  • Left- Pick up the Demon Legs at the last gravestone, then head down the stairs to push a switch that will open a gate by a save statue that you haven't been to yet.

Go back down to the teleport pad, and make a left into a small room that has Myu's Arms. You'll need the Moonlight Sword to get any of Myu's armor pieces. Exit, and go down some stairs; save at the statue. There's a set of double doors to the right of the statue, go through them.

Lake Area

Walk down the staircase and underwater- you'll see another staircase dead ahead. Pick up the Ancient Key here, then exit the room. You'll see an underwater doorway; enter it and climb the stairs. At the top of the staircase by the gravestone, look down to your right- drop down and grab the Ancient Sword that is suspended in the middle of the water. Climb back up the stairs, then cross the bridge. Go underwater down the stairs here, then up the stairs that are across this room. Grab the dark crystal; you will learn Reckless Strength. Exit this area, and save.

City Level 1, Tower

Head through the opened gate by the save statue, and through a set of double doors. Jump down into the water, and climb the staircase dead ahead. Run around to the far side of the tower- there is a save room here with a golden fountain. Fill up your crystal vials here, set the yellow guide stone, then teleport to the dwarf to repair your equipment. Teleport back to this tower, and save. Make sure the Water Talisman is equipped, then exit the save room and move to the ledge on your left. Drop down into the water, and run through the long tunnel to find a water crystal that will teach you Vortex. Head back up the underwater stairs to the save room. Heal up, and save.

Treasury Area

You should be level 47 now; exit the save room and cross the bridge right in front of you. Go up some stairs for a choice:
  • Treasury- make a left to enter this room. Equip Myu's Necklace to spot a secret door that will deactivate the spears. The skeleton by the spears has Zastari's Key. You'll also find Chad Breshears here- sell off unwanted items, and buy some supplies. Don't bother with the crystal gear- you'll be getting Myu's set soon. Exit the door here to the treasure room:
    • Do not screw around with the demons in here. That dark orb magic has a delayed lightning effect- get away from it. Open the chests in here, then check the various doors/stairs.

    • Left stairs- Crystal Helm, and a Serrak's Chest that you don't have the key for yet. While up on this ledge, drop down on to a stone block to break a wall. Enter the hallway, and kill the lava-spouting faces.

    • Left door- the path is now free of lava, so open the chest to get the King's Map.

    • Secret door- the Triple Fang! This sword is second only to the Moonlight Sword.

    • Right door- two dragon flowers, and a crystal vial. The vial is tough to get without being pushed into the pit. Open this chest, then run to the side. Get the vial by opening the door a second time. Go up the stairs, and open all of the chests here. One of them has a switch for the secret door you see here- enter to find an earth crystal that will teach you Meteor Cascade. Read the clue on the wall here- Earth, Water, Fire, Wind.

    • Staircase ahead- For the elementally challenged, hit the lower right switch, the top left, the bottom left, then the top right. The chest contains the Ring of Wisdom- wearing this in the King's Throne room will give you access to the room with an endless supply of skeletons to level on.

    • Exit the Treasury, and go up the stairs to your left that you passed up before.

  • Mansion of the Howling Wind

    After climbing the stairs, save at the stone to your left (unless you would enjoy repeating the Treasury area). Head up the stairs across from the save statue; you'll find two sets of stairs here:
    • Right stairs- the door on the left leads to the tower area; no reason to go there. Enter the room on the right, where you'll fight some large spiders. You can find two dragon flowers in here, as well as a secret door that holds a Guardian Bracelet. Check one of the torches here for a fire crystal that will teach you Flame Strike.

    • Left Stairs- there are two branches here:
      • The stairs on right will bring you to a room on the left that holds Myu's Legs, while the area to the right up here has nothing but a view of the bridge you're about to cross.

      • The double doors in front of you bring you to a very dangerous bridge. I recommend going back to the save statue before trying to cross it. You're level 50 now; don't die and lose levels. Once you cross the bridge, pick up a dragon flower over on your left. Drop down to a ledge here, you will find another dragon flower, a wind crystal that will teach you Freeze. Come out of this cavern, and head right until you're under the face that's shooting the wind magic at the bridge. Look up at him, and hit him with a magic spell or two to kill him- the bridge is now safe. Go forward to the hall, and run over the slats to obtain a very nice Guardian Shield. Drop down to get back to the save statue in this area. Go back over the bridge now. The giants here give you 1600 experience points each with the Fortune Bracelet equipped. One of them will drop a Darkwood Club. Before entering the mansion, take the left stairs to a door, then flip the switch to open the gate on the first floor of the mansion. From this ledge, you can fall down on to a staircase and climb it to reach Serrak Rezmach. Open the Ancient's Chest for an Ancient Shield. Climb up more stairs for two dragon flowers. Go all the way down to the first floor, where you'll see a Serrak's Door. Go through the opened gate, and you'll see another Serrak's Door on your right. Head left now, and enter the room on your right for another dragon flower. Continue downstairs and go through a blackened door. Go left to fight a boss and obtain Serrak's Key. On your way out, the first Serrak's door will get you an Icon of Water, and the second will get you some goodies. Pray that you don't get knocked off of the bridge on your way back- you're level 53 now, and doing stuff over really sucks. Exit out of here, and save at the tower.

Wrapping Things Up

  • Go back to the area where you first fought the venus fly traps- pick up the Spider Armband from the Expedition's Chest, then drop down the well. Look down into the body of water with Myu's Necklace equipped, then drop down to open the secret door, and kill the skeleton for a pair of Bone Hands. Come back up, and while your feet are still in water, head around a bend to pick up a water crystal that taught me Remedy when I used it. Hop down into the water, and climb up some stairs to exit at Bunch's shop.

  • Go to the hub between the North Cliff, the Great Graveyard, and the Center Tower. Go in the save room, and up the stairs through a door- use the Forest Folk's Key to obtain the best looking armor in the game- the Demon Armor.

  • If you want to level up, go to the Mansion of the Howling Wind. Once you cross the bridge, kill the two giants for 3200 experience points, then drop down to where you got that wind crystal. There are two snakes here, which give you another 1200. Head around the ledge, and drop down to the save statue near the Treasury. Kill the demon here for 800, then head up the stairs, then go up the left stairs, hugging the left wall and kill the poison giant for another 1000. Run out to the bridge, and repeat. This run gives you 6200 experience points every time you do it, and it's very safe. I like this run better than doing the cerberus dogs in the Old Battlefield Jail.

  • Go back to David Bunch, and buy back the Clarity Bracelet. This multiplies your max MP by five.

Passage of Light

Before you enter the Passage, go into the King's Throne room with your Ring of Wisdom equipped. Enter the 'You're not kingly' room, and kill the king immediately- don't bother leveling on the skeletons- The Mansion of the Howling Wind is much better for that. He will drop a light crystal that will teach you Invoke Lightning. Grab the King's Crown from the chest here; exit and save your game. Exit the throne room, and enter the Passage of Light on your right.

Go up the stairs, to your right to some more stairs, and inside the door to fight your first four-armed Knight. Pick up the Ancient Helm on the right, then continue through the back door. Turn left, go down the stairs, then straight across to the wall, then make a right to go up the stairs into another door. Defeat your second knight, then grab the Ancient Arms, again on the right side of the room. Exit, turn 90 degrees to your left, drop down, take the stairs to your left, and enter the room on the right for your third Knight. Pick up the Ancient Legs; they're on your left this time, then exit the room. Go down the stairs, then down more stairs on your left. That's it! At level 56, the knights went down with two swings of the Wavecrasher.

This room has your last light crystal, which will teach you Judgement. Pick up the King's Key next to the bones of the King of the Forest Folk- this will open the door to the throne room. Don't go there yet- use the four Black Eyes on the other door here. Go up the stairs, and use the Lawful Blade to finally receive the Moonlight Sword. Exit out to the throne room, and save. Exit, walk down the hall, and enter the door on the right that was guarded by two knights a long time ago. Use the yellow wand on the teleport pad here- it's time to get Myu's armor pieces.

Myu's Armor

  • Exit the golden fountain save room, and look down into the water by the corner on your left. You can see a secret door- equip your Water Talisman and go down there. Enter, and swing the Moonlight Sword at the magic barrier to obtain Lord Myu's Helmet. Don't bother with the chest- it only contains a fool's fruit. Run back to the stairs that will bring you back to the save room.

  • Heal up, then go back to the Treasury area. Head to the Mansion of the Howling Wind signpost, take the stairs, then the set of stairs on the immediate right will bring you to a room on your left for Lord Myu's Greaves. Exit out and save again; now we have to get to the Great Graveyard.

  • Use the red wand to bring you to the upper part of the Tower, near the beginning of the game. Exit the door here, go down the stairs, and into the room with the magic cluster wall. You should be missing one water spell, and two dark spells. Take the other door here, and go all the way down to the other save room. Exit, and go to the North gate, which is on the opposite side of the door down here. This is the hub area from before- take the Great Graveyard door, and go through the gate you opened before. Go down two sets of stairs and to your left- go to the room behind the teleport pad to receive Lord Myu's Gloves. Use the teleport pad to get back to the golden fountain save room.

Water Area

Exit the save room, and take the bridge to your right. Head down some stairs, ignoring the first set of double doors on your left- there's nothing in there. Serrak's Door is a little further down on your left- enter to obtain an Ancient Armor. Go through the set of double doors here to find a poison pond. Run straight across into the middle of the round building to place the Icon of Water- this will remove the poison. There are five rooms down here; explore them while moving counterclockwise:
  • First- nothing here, but pick up a Jail Key in the water on the way to the second.

  • Second- fight a huge red blob.

  • Third- this is the exit; skip it for now.

  • Fourth- fight a blob to get your last water crystal, which will teach you Hydrosphere.

  • Fifth- head through an underwater tunnel to your right to receive a Healing Amulet.

Now head back to that third room, and down a long spiral staircase.

Old Battlefield- Jail

Head through the double doors by the teleport pad, down the stairs on your right, and through the double doors on your left to receive Lord Myu's Shield. The cerberus monsters in here will give you 1000 experience per kill with the Fortune equipped. Exit this room, and hug the left wall to the second jail cell you see to get the Chaos Shield. Exit the cell, and keep hugging the left wall- that will bring you to the entrance.

From the entrance, cross a bridge on your left that's right before a locked gate. You'll see a secret door on the left- enter to find a dark crystal that teaches you Drifting Death. Exit this secret door, and hug the left wall and enter the second jail cell you see. Break the wall here for a violet guide stone. Exit this cell, face to your right, then hug the left wall all the way around to a set of double doors. Enter to fight a boss that will drop a violet wand. Flip the switch in here to open the locked gate near the entrance, then go through that gate. Head forward to the end of the hall, and to your right to a set of double doors that leads outside to the Old Battlefield.

Old Battlefield

Head out to your right, and up a small hill on the left to fight a demon that drops a dark crystal that teaches you the last magic spell in the game; Dark Matter. Go further ahead past a dead golem on your right to find Lord Myu's bones with the Scorpion sword. Across from that golem, climb up the dinosaur skeleton to obtain Lord Myu's Armor. You're right before the point of no return, so I recommend that you run past the jail, and teleport back to the golden fountain save room. It also wouldn't be a bad idea to level up on the cerberus dogs- they'll respawn when you exit the jail and re-enter.

Final Preparations

Go over to see JaMarc Neeley in the back of the Engineer's Quarters to stock up on supplies, then teleport to Harmurah Forgefist one last time to repair or upgrade your equipment. Your equipment for the final area:
  • Weapon- Moonlight Sword
  • Magic- doesn't really matter, but Judgement goes well with the Sword of Light.
  • Shield- Lord Myu's Shield
  • Head- Lord Myu's Helmet
  • Chest- Lord Myu's Armor
  • Hands- Lord Myu's Gloves
  • Legs- Lord Myu's Greaves
  • Ring- Widda's Ring if you're under level 95, Ring of Wisdom if you're 95 or above
  • Wrist- Clarity Bracelet- quintuples your MP- at level 99 it went from 156 to 780 for me
  • Neck- Widda's Necklace, or Healing Amulet

Final Area

Go back through the Old Battlefield, and climb up the dinosaur's skeleton (where you got Myu's body armor) to get to a ledge with a bunch of gravestones. Enter the dark area, swing your Moonlight Sword once to lighten the area up. Defeat this boss, and the archers will fall too. Continue on, and finally use the Idol of Sorrow. You can fight your way through here, but I don't see the point. You should be about level 60, and one more level won't help any with the last fight. To get through this area, make a left at the fork, then three rights until you reach an open area.

Bear left here, and clockwise until you go up a ramp that brings you to the last enemy. Swing at him with the Moonlight Sword, and you'll take damage falling down. This is the time to use a dragon flower, then run up and around to hit him again. Three swings will end the game for you.